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At Olave Studio, we accompany you every step of the way, becoming your best ally in your projects. We offer a full range of services designed to provide you with a unique and hassle-free experience.


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  • Personalized Experience: We strive to understand your unique needs and provide tailored solutions for each project.
  • Total Commitment: Our comprehensive approach ensures we are with you at every stage, from conceptualization to completion.
  • Professional Team: With a team of passionate experts, we guarantee your projects are executed with utmost quality and efficiency.
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Turning Ideas into Reality: Our Projects

At Olave Studio, every project is a passionate collaboration. From design to logistics, we work hand in hand with you to create exceptional solutions that meet your goals and exceed your expectations. Discover how we’ve assisted others in turning their visions into tangible successes.

Here are the projects we carried out for Expoconstrucción in 2023, focusing on design, production, and assembly.

Kits Seat y Cupra Centros comerciales

Porsche Colombia

Durman Expoconstrucción 2023


At Olave Studio, we had the privilege of collaborating with Durman at Expoconstrucción 2023, one of the most highlighted events in the construction field in Colombia. Our commitment to excellence was evident in every phase of the project, from creative design to meticulous assembly at Corferias Bogotá.

Masisa Expoconstrucción 2023(1)


For Masisa, we offered a similarly comprehensive approach at Expoconstrucción 2023. Working side by side with our client, we delivered customized design, production, and assembly solutions, reflecting the innovation and quality Masisa is known for.

Forsa Expoconstrucción 2023


For Forsa, we showcased our expertise and skill at Expoconstrucción 2023, crafting a design, production, and assembly project that encapsulated the essence of the brand and left a lasting impression at Corferias Bogotá.

Hafele Expoconstrucción 2023


In collaboration with Hafele, we staged an innovative design and flawless execution at Expoconstrucción 2023, mirroring Hafele's vision in every detail at Corferias Bogotá.

Satel Expoconstrucción 2023


With Satel, we took innovation and precision to new levels at Expoconstrucción 2023. Our collaboration resulted in design, production, and assembly that stood out at Corferias Bogotá, reflecting Satel's commitment to excellence.

I was impressed by the high quality service

Dominique de ThouarsMarketing Director in Latin America - Trouw Nutrition

A 100% Reliable Company

Angela LópezPresident - Mazda Colombia

Outstanding compliance and breakthrough design

Jorge MachucaGeneral Manager - Licorera de Cundinamarca

Everything is made in a very detailed way

Juan David UribeDirector - Susuki Colombia

Great level of professionalism

Daniel HerreraDirector Citroen and DS Colombia

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